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The Nosh Show: A Fast Food & Junk Food Podcast

Mar 30, 2014

We discuss Kit Kats you bake before eating, a new Sprite flavor, a sandwich with ghost pepper sauce, and Ryan's Breakfast Phone. We also rave about McDonald's new sandwiches and it's Happy Happy Mystery Package Fun Time again!

Mar 17, 2014

We argue about Bacon Pringles, Wheat Thins Popped, and Dunkin' Donuts Eggs Benedict Sandwich. We also talk about the latest international junk food in a new segment and share our Nots of the Week.

Mar 4, 2014

In this episode, we spend a lot of time discussing Taco Bell's upcoming breakfast menu, some time on our Chips Ahoy Ice Cream Creations experiences, and very little time on Mega M&M's.